More Applesauce and a Common Goldeneye

The weather was too nasty on our deck for canning today so I moved the operation inside.

I wasn’t too concerned about making a mess on the deck yesterday but today I took extra precautions.  It’s harder to hose down the kitchen.

Applesauce Operation
Can’t make applesauce without my Food Strainer

I like my applesauce au naturale and thick – no sugar added.  The only water that gets in is what is absorbed when the apples are boiled.

I call it “stand-up” applesauce because you can (almost) stand a fork up in it.  hahaha – well, at least it doesn’t run all over the plate.

Parboil Apples
Parboil Apples

 I like to mix green and red apples together for my applesauce.  That makes sauce that is a little tart and just sweet enough.  The sauce picks up some of the red color from the skin.  I think it is purdy in the sauce.  Sometimes I mix it in, sometimes I just leave it swirled.

Finished Product
Finished Product – Pint of Applesauce

I think I got about 32 pints and 15 quarts.  There’s more apples on the tree but I feel like leaving those for bear bait. 🙂

The sky was overcast today even when it wasn’t raining.  So the Alsea River was dark when the bright, white, wing caught my eye.  I didn’t see that this was a bird until I took a picture of it.

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldeneye

I thought it was a white float at first but it wasn’t moving with the current.  Then it went under the surface and in another minute came back up.

That’s when I got the camera out.  That eye is a dead giveaway for identification of the Common Goldeneye.


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