Hazard Tree – 7 foot diameter Sitka Spruce

Time for that snag to come down.  Darrel Bunch will be taking these trees down for us.

We invited the Job Corp Forestry students to watch the sawyer take down the two hazard trees in Cape Perpetua.  I didn’t get pix of the 2nd tree.  This is the 7 foot Sitka spruce near campsite 16.


Since Cape Perpetua Campground is open to hikers, we had our campground managers posted up and down the road to make sure no hikers wandered into the area while the tree was being cut.  Our workampers have been rained in with little business in the campgrounds for a week.  So this was a nice opportunity to get outside.

On the Ground
On the Ground

It sure made a big boom when it hit the ground.  I wonder if the seismic activity was registered?

Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade

3 saws, 4 wedges, an axe, bar chain oil and gasoline… oh, and, 40(?) years of experience.  (He probably started when he was 5.)

I wasn’t close enough to see him saw but last time I watched him he had 2 saws inside the tree while his hands were on the other saw.  So he’d just move from one saw to the next to be sure it loosened the right spot at the right time.  It is an intricate cut to make.

Conch - Indication of Tree Rot
Conch – Indication of Tree Rot

This fungal conch is a sure indication of tree rot.  The tree can have live needles on it but be rotten inside making it at risk of blowing down in a storm.

Sitka Spruce Snag - Rotted Top
Sitka Spruce Snag – Rotted Top

Look how rotted-out the top is.

Sharp Saw Makes Slicing Easy
Sharp Saw Makes Slicing Easy

That sawyer keeps his saws so sharp they cut through that Sitka spruce like it was butter.  The Job Corp crew was envious.  Where’d all the students go?!

Old Farts Rollin' a Slice
Old Farts Rollin’ a Slice

Once he got the first slice cut, our campground managers tried to muscle it around so they could roll it off to the side of the road.  (I said “tried”.)

You can see that the spruce wasn’t rotted all the way through.

Job Corp Students Help
Job Corp Students Help

Once a few slices were out the Job Corp students pitched in to get it off the road.

Job Corp Students Help
Job Corp Students Help

We’d have been there ALL day without them!  We REALLY appreciated their help.  We’ll probably invite them to “watch” again.  They might be wiser next time though.

Anyone need some sawdust for your dance floor?  There’s even some stringers for your mattress 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hazard Tree – 7 foot diameter Sitka Spruce”

  1. Wow what a tree – sad to see him go, the size of the slices are something else. Having a pro do the job makes things go really fast, they make it look sooo easy! We’d be there until this time next week!

    We’ve stayed at Cape Perpetua, can’t say I saw this particular tree but it’s a fabulous place to visit.

    Take care of yourselves.

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