Brigham City Temple

We’ve had absolutely gorgeous weather while visiting our children and grandchildren in Utah this week.  We had a great lightning show last night when the storm rolled through.  I hear there is snow on the mountains this morning but I can’t see them for the fog or clouds or whatever is going on out there.

Temple-Brigham City
Brigham City Temple

We had to squeeze in a quick trip to see the Brigham City temple.  It looks like one of the smaller designs.  Too short of a trip to attend a session though; sadly.

The old and new stand face to face

The temples are where families are sealed together for eternity.

Brigham City Temple and Tabernacle in Autumn

It was 14 years ago that my sweetheart took me to the temple to be sealed to him.

Seeing the temple and tabernacle stand face-to-face chokes me up.  That stately building (tabernacle) was built in the late 1800’s.  It took 25 years to complete!  All that work is honored by great-grandchildren building a temple and sealing more of their families together forever.


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