Rain and Salmon on the Alsea River

As a friend described it, it is the “soaker-hose kind of rain” that we’ve needed so badly here.  Just a gentle, soak-the-ground-deeply, rain. 🙂

Soaker Rain
Soaker Rain

It raised the Alsea River only a quarter of an inch.  But it was enough to bring the Chinook in!  2 salmon, in the 20 lb class, were caught from the banks of Blackberry Campground this weekend.  It’s not that easy to discover the “truth” about what brings the salmon up a river when all you hear are fishermen’s (purported) truths or theories (sorry dear).

This I know: 1) Salmon come up the river to spawn;  2) Salmon return to their own hatching grounds.

Salmon Fishing
Salmon Fishing

But, as far as what role rain plays in the salmon spawn, I’m still listening to theories.  Maybe there is truth in all these theories?  I don’t think they contradict each other.  Here are some I’ve heard:  1) The rain in the river carries the scent to the salmon that they recognize from their youth.  2)  The rain lowers the temperature of the river and it’s the right temperature that tells the salmon that it’s okay to come up.  3) The rain raises the level of the river so the salmon can make it to their destination.

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

I know there are experts on the subject.  But, frankly, I like listening to the theories.  They are presented with such conviction!

We are getting more soaker-hose rain this afternoon.  We had the extra high tide (9.0) around noon today.  The minus tide (-.5) is around 6pm.  So the tide really moved in fast this afternoon.


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