Autumn in the Siuslaw

I love the colors of autumn!

Applesauce Tree
Applesauce Tree

Our property came with two apple trees!  If we were finished moving in I’d be making applesauce.

Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf

I think the leaves changing has gotten a slow start.  Maybe I’ve just lost track of when the maples start to turn but it seems late this year.  But I can find color here and there.

Aminita Mushroom
Aminita Mushroom

I’m surprised that, even with the lack of moisture, the mushrooms are starting to pop up.  NEVER eat a mushroom that you are not sure of.  Some can cause death.  This one, I believe, is a poisonous aminita.  Never eat a wild mushroom raw.

Aminita Mushroom-CutOpen
Aminita Mushroom-CutOpen

A friend told me to slice it open from top to bottom.  If you can see the mushroom shape inside, it is not a puff ball.  Puff balls are edible when they are young and solid white.  I’ve eaten a puff ball.  They are good. You can see the cap starting to form in that one though.  The left side is the top.

Fishing-Alsea Bay Beach
Fishing-Alsea Bay Beach

Fishing for chinook is a fun fall activity.  We’re just watching so far.  We bought our lunch from Subway and watched as we ate lunch.  Didn’t see any fish caught yesterday.  This is the Alsea Bay bridge in Waldport, OR.


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