Day One on the Alsea River

Some may say we live out in the sticks.


I love old barns.  This one is along the single-lane-dead-end road where we bought property last year.  We are full-time RVers but wanted a place to live in case we had to stop travelling.  I mean, besides parking in our children or parent’s driveway. 🙂

Yesterday's Sunrise from Tillicum Beach
Yesterday’s Sunrise from Tillicum Beach

We’ve decided to take the winter off.  We’ve been workamping at Tillicum Beach Campground for the last two years.  I’ll try not to whine, too much, about missing my sunrise/sunset/whenever beach walks.

Woodpecker or Sapsucker?

So look who greeted me this morning, “at the river”, before I even opened the door.  I’m not sure what it is.  I’m still trying to ID it.  S/he has really worked-over our apple tree though.  Look at the rows of holes in the tree.  If you look closely at the bird’s feet, he’s using the holes as foot-holds.  They are precisely the right distance apart!  Smart bird!


I love nature sounds!  This morning, as I sat on our deck overlooking the Alsea River, I heard the woodpecker, a king fisher and the river rippling over the rocks.  At high tide there are no ripples.  This is at low tide.  I couldn’t resist the reflections and then turning the photo upside down…just for my morning giggle.

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