Full Moon Sets Over Tillicum

Just a quicky before we get ready for church…

I’ve been trying to watch for the best time to catch the moonset.  The fog hasn’t cooperated with me though.

Moonset - Big Creek
Moonset – Big Creek

It was cold last night so I knew the skies were clear.  Sure enough, I could see the full moon when I got up at 7am.

It wasn’t low enough on the horizon yet though.  So I walked up to the creek, north of Tillicum Campground, to see if the sunrise would add anything to my photo.

I always like the way the morning light lights up the crests of the waves.  The seagulls like to bathe in the fresh water of the creek.

We’ve got another week of sunshine forecasted!  What a great time to RV the Oregon Coast!

Hooded Mergansers

I found these Hooded Mergansers feeding on the other side of the Hwy 101 bridge.

Don told me what they were as soon as he saw the pic.  They look like a cross between a Bufflehead and a Wood Duck.  🙂

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