Grandeur is Sometimes Small

We’ll soon be moving away from the beach.  Although it will only be a few miles, I will miss walking out my front door to go for a walk and listen to the rhythm of the waves and to “see what I can see” (to quote a childhood song).

Sunset Distance
Sunset Distance

As I think about that, it’s only reasonable that I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned over the last several years on the beach.

I love the vastness of the ocean.  How many miles am I actually seeing?  What is it, 15 miles until the curvature of the earth removes the horizon from our view?  But I can see the sun on the horizon!  So I must be able to see light-years away. 🙂

I like to stare away into the distance even at the stars in the dark sky over the ocean; seemingly into eternity.

Sand Pattern - Water Drain
Sand Pattern – Water Drain

But, honestly, I can’t really do that for long.  I don’t know if I’m ADD or just “normal”.  But something, closer to me, always catches my attention.

When I see the flat, shell-less, beach for miles ahead of me, it is a beautiful beach.  But if I look at what is right around me, I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty in the details.

Seagull Yoga
Seagull Yoga

I like the contrast of the dark fog bank, the blue sky and the diamond-like shimmering sunlight on the water.  But I thought the seagull added a personal touch to the beach.  This is his home too; longer than it’s been mine.  I didn’t really think I’d catch him in his morning yoga ritual.  But I’m glad I didn’t disturb him.

Blustery Day Beach Drawing
Blustery Day Beach Drawing

There are times when the beach inspires me beyond my capabilities and I cannot resist adding my own touch to God’s creations.   What I add is not beauty in everyone’s eyes.  But maybe it is at least humor.  And if not humor, maybe contrast so the real beauty is emphasized.   🙂

Island in the Sand
Island in the Sand

Most of the time, God gives me these special, beautiful, gifts; right in front of my face.  (Like the people in my life.)  I’m not inspired to change or add to it, just to admire it and let it change me.

Although I can’t imagine where I will spend my morning walks away from the beach, I am sure I will  continue to discover (or re-discover) more beauties right in front of my face.

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