Hunters are Chasing the Bears out of the Mountains

That’s the only reason I can think of that we’d have a bear in Tillicum Campground.

Bear Scat
Bear Scat

He tipped over the garbage can, got something yummy out, and took it into an empty campsite to eat it.  He didn’t pick up after himself though. 😦   RUDE!

Tillicum Campsite
Hey Boo-Boo! Nobody’s home here!

Here’s YOUR sign:

Believe All Campground Signs
Believe All Campground Signs

Bear find food as much by sight as by smell.  If they have found some sweet liquid by poking through a soda can, they’ll look for more soda cans (they can’t tell if they are empty or full from a distance).  If they’ve gotten food from a cooler or a plastic container or a dog food bowl, they’ll look for those again.

Store your food/drinks in your trunk or hard-sided RV; NOT your tent.  Keep a tidy campsite to keep all critters, large and small, out of your campsite.

Bear Tracks - from the creek
Bear Tracks – from the creek

A camper reported the bear came through his site and bumped his trailer at about 3:30am.  You know I had to go on a bear tracking expedition this morning. 🙂

I found the beginning of his tracks at the creek, north of Tillicum.

Bear Tracks
Bear Tracks compared to a ladies size 8

I don’t know how to tell, from a footprint on hard sand, how large the bear is.  I’m not disclosing my weight, but I didn’t leave a footprint next to his.  Let’s just say that I’m over 130.

Bear Tracks - Softer Sand
Bear Tracks – Softer Sand

I thought I was taking all these good photos for research-sake.

Now that I’m writing about it, though, I should have taken a picture of what my tracks look like in the same sand.  Oh well!

We’ll treat the garbage can with bad-tasting chemicals in case the bear comes back.  And Don will wait for him with a camera.




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