Fall – A Season of Change

Although I have noticed a few leaves beginning to change color, that’s not the change I’m noticing most at Tillicum Beach Campground.

Foamy Beach
Foamy Beach

The beach and the ocean also have seasonal changes.  Weather patterns over the Pacific change which, in turn, change ocean patterns and winds whip up a froth.

Tillicum Sunrise
Tillicum Sunrise

I’m not sure if the ocean currents actually change but I know the swells are bigger.  This causes the high tides to come up higher on the beach and it moves the sand around significantly.  It should bring in more tsunami debris eventually.

Sunrise Low Tide
Sunrise Low Tide

I love it when the sun hits the white crests of the waves in the morning.

They shine like a bright light.

Stop-Action Waves
Stop-Action Waves

On a side-note: Rhetorical questions – How does a camera work?  How can it capture water hanging in mid-air?  I love photography!

Where's the Ocean?
Where’s the ocean? It was there this morning…

As I was walking down to the beach, this evening, I met a camper coming back up the stairs.  Never missing a step he said, in a dead-pan tone, “the ocean is gone”.  I just giggled and kept walking.   Silly man.  I could still hear it so I knew he was lying.

Foggy Minus Tide
Foggy Minus Tide

See!  I did find the ocean!  And I even saw a seal…so there!

We’ve got minus tides this week.  But take your lantern when you go clamming.  Low tide tonight was about 8:25.

2 thoughts on “Fall – A Season of Change”

  1. Beautiful pictures! The you for the email about Sept Newsletter.
    Nice knowing you also. You and your hubby are wonder people.

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