There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!

Wow!  What a gorgeous day on the Oregon Coast today!

Tillicum Sunshine
Tillicum Sunshine

We had a little rain early this morning.  Then the clouds and fog disappeared and there was nothing but blue sky and sunshine!

I was too busy standing in the sun to want to sit at my computer.  So Don and I worked outside in the campground all afternoon.  Don was moving dirt around with the tractor.  I was finding standing dead trees and pushing them over.  Don’s always impressed when I push a tree down; even though they’re only 2″ – 3″ across. 🙂

The campers were pretty entertaining too.  There’s a week of sunshine forecast so people are hitting the coast for fall camping.  We all commented that it looked more like a Saturday than a Monday.  There were lots of sites open (and still are) but there’d be 3 or 4 campers at a time, frantically trying to decide which site is the best one.  People take longer to decide when there are more choices.  Everyone got settled though.  🙂

Check out the new Facebook page for our campgrounds:

Siuslaw NF Campgrounds


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