a Walk on the Beach

September is a beautiful time to explore the Oregon coast.

Generally the rain hasn’t started yet, temps are cooler in the valley so there’s not as much fog on the coast, and the crowds are off the road.

Ghost Forest - Day 1
Ghost Forest – Day 1

Tillicum Beach is never really crowded; not in the way that Galveston or the Los Angeles beaches are.  I’ve never seen it more dense than about 1 person per 100 square feet. (That’s not a scientific measurement.)

Ghost Forest - Day 2
Ghost Forest – Day 2

Anyway, I saw 2 people and 1 dog on my morning walk today.  There was a little bit of fog but not too much.  I can’t seem to get a good picture of how much sand the ocean is removing.  It looks like a shelf of about 2 or 3 feet high is left from the bluff to about half way to the low tide line.  This part of a ghost forest shows how much sand was removed in one day.  I took the first pic yesterday and the 2nd today.

I did not get wet to get these 2 agates
I did not get wet to get these 2 agates

I quickly realized that I should have worn my rubber boots this morning.  I was staying dry until I “thought” I was stepping onto an island.  I was so proud of myself for going after one of these agates and not getting wet.  It was out of reach in a small pool.  But there were 2 larger rocks within reach.  So I threw one rock closer to the agate.  I balanced on one then the other, reached down to snatch the agate and quickly jumped to the sand.  I guess I got careless after that.

I REALLY wanted this agate!
I REALLY wanted this agate!

These are in about 3″ of water.  If you can’t spot the agate, you’re not my competition. 🙂  I stared and thought and planned.  One shoe is already wet.  What do I care if both are soaked.  I could roll up my pants.  But I don’t have a spare set of shoes.  I could take off my shoes and socks…but that water is really cold.  Okay, I’ll see what else I can find.  If I still want it after I’m finished, I’ll reconsider.

I didn't go for this agate either
I didn’t go for this agate either

This agate is a nice piece of red jasper with quartz.  I was happy enough with the others I found to not get wet…ter.

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