Moonset and Sunrise over Tillicum Beach

I was awakened this morning by the guy in the next tent snoring so loudly that it sounded like it was right next….oh wait…it WAS my husband.

Oh well, 5:40 isn’t too early to get up.  Maybe I can catch the moonset?

Still pretty dark at 6:00am
Still pretty dark at 6:00am

HHhhhmmm…it’s got a ways to go.  I’ve got some wandering around to do.  What a beautiful morning though.  The beach is such a peaceful place.  I’m the only one out here.  There are some nice cloud formations in the sky.  I’ll walk up to the creek.  Maybe that will be a good place for the sunrise and moonset.

Full MoonSet at 6:15am
Full MoonSet at 6:15am

The cloud formations made the pink sunrise look like an explosion this morning!  All that’s around me are sounds of the ocean, a few plover peeps, and a heron in the creek.  He and I were just standing, admiring the sky.  Actually, maybe he was asleep?   I don’t know the planets but there is a bright one in the eastern sky before sunrise.Sunrise Fireworks

Oh, and with the trained eye, you can see a few agates there on the beach!  Haven’t seen those in a while 🙂

Full MoonSet at 6:45am
Full MoonSet at 6:45am

ByeBye moon!

Maybe, if I wake up at the same time tomorrow and the weather is the same, I’ll get an even better shot of the moonset from Tillicum Beach Campground?

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