Labor Day Weekend Camping Weather

Okay, I can’t predict the weather – but people who have access to more equipment and knowledge than I have say the weather will be awesome on the central Oregon coast for Labor Day weekend!

I can tell you that it’s a beautiful morning on Tillicum Beach though!

Tillicum Minus Tide
Tillicum Minus Tide

Did you know that there’s a wide enough width of hard sand on the beach to ride your bicycle all the way from Tillicum to Waldport?

Tillicum to Waldport
Tillicum to Waldport

Or from Tillicum to Yachats!

Tillicum to Yachats
Tillicum to Yachats

I thought I was over the drawing-pictures-in-the-sand thing….until I saw a hat with a curlycue coming out the top.   I couldn’t resist!

Cat in the Hat
Cat in the Hat

I immediately saw the cat-in-the-hat with a new hat and a beard.  Maybe what I should do is post one of these without my drawings and see how YOUR imagination would fill it in?

I’m going to do a little forecasting based on my experience in workamping in campgrounds:  Friday night will be frantic.  All our campgrounds will be full.  HOWEVER, I believe we will have some openings on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Call the campground ahead of time to get a better idea if you’re a cautious-gambler.

We actually have one group site that is NOT booked for the weekend:  Canal Creek Campground holds up to 100 people.  Call us to make a reservation if you are interested in 1 or more days: 541-547-3679

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