Camping Tip for the Weekend Before Labor Day

Just another incredible sunset last night; yyaaaawwwwnnn…


I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I gave up at 5, got up and decided to see if I could catch a sunrise.  I looked up the sunrise time for Yachats; 6:32am.  I killed some time by reading.  Then I put on my winter coat and walked out on the beach.  I walked up to the creek and it looked promising.  The eastern sky was getting brighter.

Where are you sun?
Where are you sun?

I was about 15 minutes early according to the published time.  I knew the sun would lag behind that official time but I didn’t know how long.  Then the fog began to lower on the horizon and I knew the sun wouldn’t be making an appearance anytime soon.  😦    So I got some foggy pix of the creek.

Fog Rising off Big Creek
Fog Rising off Big Creek

Ever walk into a room then stop and stare, trying to remember why you came in here?

Heron in Tillicum Beach Fog
Heron in Tillicum Beach Fog

I have rarely seen a heron on Tillicum Beach.  The fog must have grounded him?

Camping Tip for the weekend before Labor Day:

Okay, so, hopefully it’s not too late for you to use this tip this weekend.  Traditionally, the weekend BEFORE a holiday has lighter travel.  So, if you are a procrastinator, throw the tent in the car and GO camping today!  Even if you have to be back to work on Monday, it’s just as fun to camp for one night!

Half our campgrounds had openings last night.  We manage all the Forest Service campgrounds from milepost 23 on Hwy 34, west to Waldport, then south on Hwy 101 to Florence, Oregon.  The ones closest to the beach were full but there will be some openings in those today.

2 thoughts on “Camping Tip for the Weekend Before Labor Day”

  1. Hi, My name is Joyce Chirrick and I am a longtime friend of Mary Ann’s. She and Ruth Moser came to visit today and she told me about your website. When she got home she emailed the info.

    We live at Reedsport, and were avide campers before bad health caught up with us.

    Beautiful pics. We live in God’s Country don’t we?

    Keep up the good work. Joyce (^.*)

    PS: I know all the Garriotts..lived next door to them when I was in grade school. I know Wanda and most all the other siblings. Dona and I were best friends.

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