Tillicum Beach Moonset

There was another beautiful sunset last night from Tillicum Campground.  Blue skies all day and this just topped it off.

Tillicum Sunset
Tillicum Sunset

Don had to go out at 11:00 last night to ask a camper to turn off his Semi.  He was sitting out by his campfire and his truck was turning on automatically to recharge.  Don explained that the campgrounds are not like a truck stop where you can leave it running all night.

Anyway, when Don came back in he told me the moon was about to set.  So I grabbed my new Cannon SX40HS and went out to the beach.

Moonset from Tillicum Stairway
Moonset from Tillicum Stairway

I wanted to see if I could get the grass in the foreground so I flipped up the flash.  I couldn’t even tell, through the view finder, if the grass was in the shot.  But I got the moon, the reflection and the grass.

Moonset - closeup
Moonset – closeup

But trying a closeup is the real test.  I don’t have a tripod with me.  Have you ever zoomed all the way in and noticed how hard it was to keep the camera still enough to focus?

Moonset at the horizon
Moonset at the horizon

This camera has amazing stabilization!  This is all on auto-focus of course.  The only thing extra I did was hold my breath.  hahaha

I finally captured a beautiful moonset from Tillicum Campground!


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