Sunny Morning on Tillicum Beach

Okay, fog bank, stay RIGHT there!   You come any closer and I will hurt you!

Tillicum Fog Bank
Tillicum Fog Bank

I have to get up mighty early lately to see the sun.  But it’s 10:30am now and I still see it so maybe it will stick around today?


I’ve only seen a whimbrel on Tillicum Beach one other time.  They migrate through the area – not sure where they stay for the winter or summer.  But it’s fun to see something other than crows and seagulls for a change.  There were about a dozen whimbrels this morning.

Big Creek Sunrise
Big Creek Sunrise

One of my favorite pastime is walking north, from Tillicum Campground, to the big creek to see how it’s path has changed with the last tide.  It was really different this morning.  No longer a straight shot out to the surf.  It looks like it really spread out to find its way to the ocean after the high tide.

Minus tides start on Wednesday! :-}

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