What to do at the beach in the fog

When the “valley” gets hot, the “hot” go to the beach!  It’s cooler on the Oregon coast beaches but sometimes fog comes with it.

Foggy Tillicum Beach
Foggy Tillicum Beach

So, what’s there to see in the fog?

Pacific Mole Crab
Pacific Mole Crab

Well, there’s still the little sand critters to play with.  If you see the mole crab tracks or their holes, dig a few inches down to find them.  No, they’re not good to eat!  Just fun to catch.  The legs tickle your fingers as they wiggle like crazy to get away.  See if you can figure out which end is their head. 🙂

Castles Yachats Beach
Castles from Yachats Beach

Building sand castles isn’t just for kids!

Salal Berries
Salal Berries

Graze on the Salal berries.  They start from a pink flower, turn into a pink berry and ripen to dark blue.  In Tillicum Campground, the berries collect a fine layer of salt from the salty air.  The berries taste like blueberries.  Sweet and salty  –  YUM!


The huckleberries and blackberries are just starting to ripen in the campground.  The blackest ones are the sweetest.

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