Archaeologist’s Discovery on Tillicum Beach

A famous archaeologist came to Tillicum Beach, years ago, by long-boat.

The treacherous seas were no match for Dr. Karson Scott Tracy in this self-designed canoe with oars as long as the boat.


Dr Tracy came to research reports of the elusive giant hummingbird.  He was thrilled to find it, flying freely, on Tillicum Beach.

He found it interesting that the giant green hummingbird was friends with the green-guilded guillemot.

Long-legged Green-guilded Guillemot (left) - Giant Green Hummingbird (right)
Long-legged Green-guilded Guillemot (left) – Giant Green Hummingbird (right)

You can see why Dr Karson would want to find this giant hummer!  Look at that long tail and those long front feathers!

Happy Archaeologist
Happy Archaeologist

Dr Karson Tracy was SO happy that he found this elusive bird.  BUT THEN…he discovered something even MORE amazing!

Ancient Fish - Claw-jawed Salmon
Ancient Fish – Claw-jawed Salmon

Evidence!  No one even knew there was such a salmon!  But, there it was!  …just laying on Tillicum Beach right in front of the famous Dr Tracy!

It’s an ancient salmon with a jaw that looks like a crab claw!

This new discovery will be named the Karson Salmon, after the incredible Dr Karson Scott Tracy who discovered it.


He was SO happy that he couldn’t stop singing!

Singing Praises of Discovery
Singing Praises of Discovery

Dr Karson Scott Tracy will be honored at a special presentation dinner on Tillicum Beach.

There will be a roasted pig, grilled pineapple, and lemonade served after the National Medal of Science is presented by the President of Tillicum Beach.

(Bedtime story from Grandma)

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