The Fog Rolls Out

It was foggy this morning on the central Oregon coast.

Overlooking Yachats from the South
Overlooking Yachats from the South

But then the fog bank rolled on out.

Yachats Harbor Seals
Yachats Harbor Seals

Even the harbor seals hauled out to enjoy the sun.

Our firewood vendor had a broken splitter.  Fortunately, we have some extra in another campground.  So we’re headed south to get a truck load to have on hand.

Beach Monster
Beach Monster

Back at the “ranch” – time for dinner then a walk on Tillicum Beach

That’s actually a California Beach Flea.  These things jump like jumping beans.  They jump high and far but they never stick the landing.  Seems like they land on anything but their feet.

Beach "Art"
Whale? Seal?

I never said I was an artist 🙂

Surfin' USA!
Surfin’ USA!

It looks a lot better in my imagination.  I’m sure it should stay there – lol

Tillicum Beach - Sunset Crowd
Tillicum Beach – Sunset Crowd

This is about as crowded as it gets on our beach.   Nice, huh?

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