Workamping Humility

As workampers in the campgrounds we see many interesting things.  Actually, some camper’s actions seem pretty funny.

I was laughing, to myself, as this camper drove through the campground with their load of “firewood” teetering on the roof of their vehicle.

Campfire Wood
Campfire Wood

By the time I got my camera out to take a picture (so I could keep the funny memory), I noticed the host’s satellite dishes.

Then I thought that, maybe, I was being a little arrogant.  (Not that any of us are millionaires….   🙂 )

We sell firewood but some people are very cautious with their money; not to mention resourceful.

As long as they can cut it up without a chainsaw, so it will fit in the fire ring, they can dent their roof to bring it in.

Of course, we ask them not to burn pallets because of all the nails.  It makes it hard to keep the fire rings clean.

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