Oregon Beach Sea Life and other things Workampers see

There was a lot of plankton on the beach last evening.  I’ve seen it before.  It makes the white foam turn kind of greenish.  And I’ve seen the little ball-shaped jellies before too.  But never this many.  It’s like a hatch!  These are similar to jellyfish but they don’t sting.  I’m not real sure the round ones are Sea Gooseberries because they are only about an inch or less in size and I haven’t confirmed that they have 2 tentacles.

Comb Jelly and Sea Gooseberries
Comb Jelly and Sea Gooseberries

The foxglove wildflowers are out like crazy right now.  This is a little cluster of them in Rock Creek Campground in the Siuslaw National Forest on the central Oregon coast.

Foxglove in Rock Creek Campground
Foxglove in Rock Creek Campground

Back at the beach…

Orange Reflections
Orange Reflections

We had summer today!  I took my Primary girls to weed a widow’s flower beds for Activity Day.  Don spread gravel with the tractor in Cape Perpetua Campground.  I brought a Subway lunch to him and we ate in the campground.

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

All in all, it was an okay day….until…We were working on the computers in our rig.  Our back windows look out over one of the campsites.  Don looked up and saw a lady squatting in the bushes; hopefully just peeing.  The restroom is only, maybe, 100 feet away from her!  So, what-the-heck?  After she was done she sat down to read a book.  Don went out to wave at her so she’d know she wasn’t in a private site. hahaha  But she’d disappeared.  As I was doing my walk-about I noticed him outside so I talked to him about what his wife had done.  He didn’t believe me and asked if it could have been someone else.  I described his wife though.  I tried to imply she might not have known there was a restroom nearby.  He was in total disbelief but said he would “mention it”.  Maybe he needs to start watching her a little more closely now?  I wonder how that conversation went tonight?  I hope she’s just lazy and not loosing her mind.  That would be sad.  They only look to be in their 70’s.

Huh?  No I didn’t get a photo!  You pervert!

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