We had a project at Horse Creek Campground this week to install a fee tube (Iron Ranger) and some ballards.  This auger makes short work of digging a hole – especially for us old geezers.  🙂

Day 1
Day 1

Before we got back to Hwy 101 we saw a black bear in the road.  He was a good-sized one too!  Jet black, pretty and quick!  (hence, no pic)

Remember to keep a clean campsite when camping in bear-country.  They look for food by sight as much as by smell.  If they’ve found food in trash, they’ll look for trash again.  If they’ve eaten out of a cooler, they’ll look for a cooler.  They can learn that soda cans have sweet liquid in them too.  They can just puncture the can with their claws or teeth.  And, if you throw your backpack to them so they’ll eat your food instead of you, they’ll look for people with backpacks again.  Report any bear that you see eating human food.

Day 2 was to bring up the rest of the supplies to install into the great holes we dug yesterday.

Day 2
Day 2

One campsite needed ballards to keep the 4-wheelers from making the mud hole deeper and wider every time we smooth it out with the tractor.

Ice Crystals Around Sun - Horse Creek Campground
Ice Crystals Around Sun – Horse Creek Campground

The high fog made it to the ground by early evening on the coast.  No bear today.

We’d seen some little goslings on the Alsea Bay at Eckman Lake, earlier in the week, so I asked Don to stop so I could take some pix.  The tide was different and the geese were nowhere in sight.


But it looks like a boy’s-day-out for the Mallards.

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