Seal Pups – Alsea Bay

We decided to take the time to look for some seal pups.  May and June is when they are born in this area of the Oregon coast.

We were going to go over to the sand spit because there are so many.  But we saw some as we crossed the Alsea Bay Bridge, at Waldport Oregon, so we decided to check it out.

You can park on either end of it and walk out to the middle.  We parked on the north side and walked up the east side of the bridge.

Peregrine Falcon (Peale's)
Peregrine Falcon (Peale’s)

I must have gotten too close to this falcon’s nest.  It must be under the bridge.  He was scolding me until I moved on.

Moms nap when the baby naps
Moms nap when the baby naps

The bridge is the best place to view them from a safe distance so as to not disturb them.

Wet Kisses
Wet Kisses

You can see them in the water too.  It was interesting to watch as the pups got separated from their moms (on sand or in water).

The pups called out and the moms quickly found them even when the mom was under water when it cried.

Wrinkled Pup
Wrinkled Pup

The seals come in all colors.  This one must be pretty new because he hasn’t plumped out yet to fill in all those wrinkles.  Looks like the mom had a tangle with a prop?

I know they grow up to eat salmon.  But they’re so sweet… when they’re sleeping….just like children.  🙂

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