Workamping on Memorial Day

Remembering and honoring our family who served and have passed on:
Don’s family: K. C. Leach – US Army Air Corps;  Jack Rees – Seabees ; Lloyd Rees – Seabees;  Elmer Winniford – US Marines;  Vern Beattie – US Air Force;  Rex Garriott – US Army;  Virgil Jackson – US Army;  Sherman Ellis – US Air Force;  Bill McNelly – US Navy

Jo’s family:  Donald (Sharky) Harpster – US Navy;  William Lloyd (Pete) Woodling, US Army
They served honorably.  We are proud to call them family.

The weekend was busy, so busy that all we could do was admire people who were enjoying camping. 🙂  The drawback to workamping is that you work every weekend and every holiday during the camping season.

Yachats Waves
Yachats Waves

Friday and Saturday’s weather was overcast with a couple showers.  That didn’t stop these hardy Oregonians!  Our campgrounds were half-full with great campers.

Yachats Blow Hole
Yachats Blow Hole

The benefit to workamping is that you get to stay when everyone else has to go home on the best-weather-day of the weekend!

We had to run a plunger down to our host at Cape Perpetua Campground.  We gave them a sink plunger (one of those small ones with a short handle).  We all had a good laugh as he was looking for one with a longer handle in the back of our truck.  We did give him a bigger one.

Nice Curl!
Nice Curl!

On our way back, we stopped to enjoy the waves on Yachats Beach Dr.  I was complaining about how hard it is to guess when to snap the shutter to catch the blow hole in the picture.  It was easier to time when the wave was going to curl.  I think the other photographer is trying to get the blow hole in a picture with his family on the bench behind it.

Show Off!
Show Off!

I didn’t get many pix of the blow hole spouting.  But this seagull, perfectly framed in the wave, that was his timing.  🙂   All I did was say to Don, “Did a bird just fly through my picture?”

What a beautiful Memorial day!


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