Salmon Berries in Alder Dune Campground, OR

Come and get it!

The salmon berries are already ripening in Alder Dune Campground.

Salmon Berry
Salmon Berry

Fish the stocked lakes for rainbow trout.  Trout for dinner and berries for dessert!

Lavendar Rhododendron
Lavender Rhododendron

Florence Oregon’s Rhody Days was last weekend.  I don’t know how they get all those rhodies to bloom in time for it every year?

Dark Pink Rhododendron
Dark Pink Rhododendron

I love the deep red ones.

Red Rhododendron
Red Rhododendron

They’ll all still be in bloom for Memorial Weekend.  You’ll see many pink rhodies in our campgrounds (Sutton and Alder Dune, north of Florence).  The pink ones are the wild rhodies.

Notice: There’s no access to the dunes for ATV’s from these campgrounds.  But access to the dunes is a short drive away.


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