Soft Sand

It’s a workout to walk through soft sand!

The wind we’ve had lately on Tillicum Beach is making some really soft sand.  (uh oh, I feel a beach metaphor coming on.)

Windy Tillicum Beach
Windy Tillicum Beach

When I walk on the beach I usually try to take the shortest route across the soft sand to get to the easier-to-walk-on harder sand.  Depending on how deep the soft sand is, and how wide it is, it can be a real struggle to make it across.  It made me think about the paths we choose in life.  I remembered following a sign, from Sutton Campground, that pointed to the beach; 1.5 miles.  I pooped out before I got there.  It was a trail that crossed some sand dunes.  I also remembered seeing a young boy with a shovel and pail on the roadside waiting for his parents.  They were parked along Hwy 101 where it towers over the dunes north of Baker Beach.  I thought, ‘that poor kid thinks the beach is just down that hill!  He has NO idea what he’s getting into.  I’m sure he had no thought about climbing back UP the hill to the car.  Some paths are ones we choose and some are chosen for us.  There’s usually a struggle involved somewhere along it.  The question is, “Will it be worth it?”  I mostly thought “Why take the more difficult path if we can see where it will end?”  I suppose there are many metaphors in this line of thought 🙂  And I’m too tired to go through all of them.

It's amazing where life can thrive!
It’s amazing where life can thrive!

Look at this beautiful green succulent rising to her potential!  There will be little yellow flowers before long.

Cormorants with Blue Chin
Cormorants with Blue Chin

I didn’t know these cormorants had a blue chin!  I was looking at them through the binoculars and saw one of them inflating the blue membrane under their beak.  It’s bright blue.  They are roosting on the rocks near Sea Lion Caves.

See the fog layers bent around the sun!
See the fog layers bent around the sun!

You know I had to include a sunset pic  🙂

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