Tillicum Beach Razor Clamming

I got up early today.  Since I can’t see the rise of the Super Moon I wanted to see if I could catch it setting.  It was daylight when I got out on the beach this morning but the sun wasn’t shining yet.  The sky looked a little hazy.  The horizon over the Pacific looked foggy.  I didn’t see the moon. 😦

I decided to hangout for a little bit to see if it might peek through the fog.  Although the fog looked pretty dense, I’ve seen the sun do it.  And whadyaknow!

Super Moonset
Super Moonset

What a beautiful start to my day!  A sweet “tender mercy” from the Lord.  I guess I kinda take the whole solar system for granted.  It’s really incredible when you think about it.

Clam Tides on Tillicum Beach
Clam Tides on Tillicum Beach

By the time the moon disappeared and I’d spent enough time agate hunting (and finding), there were lots of clammers out.  I didn’t hear if anyone did any good.  (They didn’t share if they did.)

Looks like my road map for the day
Looks like my road map for the day!

I can relate to whatever critter crawled in that hole 🙂  I felt like I ran in circles all day and crawled back into my little 5th wheel tonight.  I covered a lot of ground today, checking things off my list.  I hope I did some good!

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

I stopped at one of our closed campgrounds to let myself through the gate.  The hosts are living there and working at getting it ready to open.  Anyway, there was a car with a couple in it sitting at the gate.  When I stopped they came and talked to me.  They said they have a reservation to camp there.  I told them that wasn’t possible because we don’t accept reservations until the 18th.  I asked to see their reservation confirmation.  I knew what had happened because it’s happened before.  The reservation person booked the wrong campground with the same name.  The campground is Rock Creek Campground.  There are 4 of them in Oregon.  Ours is the one on the Oregon Coast in the Siuslaw National Forest.  It is probably safer to book this campground online than to call the reservation phone number. 🙂

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