Beach Debris – bottles

Here’s some of what I picked up off Tillicum Beach a couple days ago.  We’ve had some pretty good winds for the last 24 hours.  So I expected to see more debris today but there was hardly anything.  But maybe it will show up tomorrow.  We’ve got a high tide of 8.7 tonight.

Beach Debris
Beach Debris

A Nestle’ bottle and beverage bottles.  I don’t know what that little brown bottle contained.  An aerosol can of carpet cleaner packaged in England.  Goose Barnacles are a clever decoration for a beach sandal, don’t ya think?

Bottle Cap Closeup
Bottle Cap Closeup

I haven’t studied the red cap.  The aerosol can has instructions written in several languages: First-English, Second-Russian or some sort of Slavic, Third-??

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

A truck was parked in a campsite for a couple hours with no one around.  So I left a note on a fee envelope explaining that this is a Fee Area and what the camping fee is and what the day use fee is.  A lot of times, in similar situations, the person would just leave without paying.  However, I noticed the man came back from the beach and saw the note.  He kind of paced back and forth, and got in his truck.  I started walking towards the entrance, when he got in his truck, so I could smile and wave to him.  But then he got out of his truck, paced a little more and finally started walking towards me.  We chatted for a little bit.  The conversation revolved around who actually owns this property that I’m charging him to use.  Then he asked how my back was feeling.  (Maybe I already told this story because it happened after the March snow storms?)  I told him it was tired from moving all the fallen branches from the storms.  After he paid me, he sheepishly told me his truck wouldn’t start and asked me to help him push it down the short slope so he could jump in and start it.   hahahaha  I must have “crazy” written on my forehead.  We got it started though!  I wonder if he would have paid if the truck had started on its own?


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