Marine Debris After the Storm

Whew!  A day spent in the office organizing all the campground manager supplies, before their arrival, deserves a quick walk on the beach before sunset.

I see a big ol’ fog bank out there so I don’t expect a colorful sunset.  However, this is what I call, a “window of opportunity” to actually see the sun.

Window of Opportunity

Our Tillicum Host came in yesterday.  They asked me about their awning.  I told them we don’t use ours much here – not worth putting it out for a day or two before the wind surprises us.  They put theirs out.  I noticed it was put away this morning.  She said, “What’d you think of that storm last night?!”  I said, “I didn’t notice.”  hahaha  I guess you get used to the local weather!

The winds blew a lot of debris up onto the beach.

Driftwood and Plastic
Driftwood and Plastic

I filled a grocery bag with garbage: glass and plastic bottles and various broken plastic items.  I probably could have filled another one if I’d kept walking but it was getting dark.

And there’s a pretty cold wind blowing straight off the water.

That old SNL broccoli song started playing in my mind
That old SNL broccoli song started playing in my mind

Hhhmm – now that’s a first for me!  I’ve never found a head of broccoli on the beach before.  That’s my toe for a size reference.

It’s biodegradable….right?   I’m never sure anymore with all the genetic engineering going on. hahaha

Ghost Forest is Sinking
Ghost Forest is Sinking

This is all that’s left of the Tillicum Ghost Forest.  Check out what it looked like on Feb 6, 2012.  Lots of sand is moving in!

But, oddly, there are some agates showing up too.  So maybe the sand is just moving around?

Sepia Sunset
Sepia Sunset

Well, sepia is a color too.  🙂

Notes from my Workamping Blogging Journal:

I think I over use commas but I don’t know how to stop. ;-}


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