A Seagull Expose’ with eggs and mushrooms on the side

Taking another “moment” out of our busy lives, we stopped on Yachats Ocean Drive to watch the waves and see if the blowhole was spouting off.

The tide was too high for the spout but Don was coaxing a seagull over to the truck.  She thinks she’s going to get some food.


He didn’t have any food to give her but she came over anyway and Don grabbed the camera.  He was struck by the bright yellow skin around her eyes that matches her beak.

Western Gull
Western Gull - give us a wink!

Isn’t she purdy!?

Smile for the camera
That's it! Work the camera baby!

 As we were walking back from cleaning the restrooms today I saw this growing in front of the salal.  I honestly don’t know if it is a mushroom or another plant.

I’ll watch it and see what it grows into – if I can remember where I saw it.  🙂


We had to get going early today so we crashed late this afternoon.  One of us takes a nap when we crash, the other walks on the beach to relax.

Look what I found on the beach!

Large egg on Tillicum Beach
Large egg on Tillicum Beach

I found 2 large eggs; a couple feet apart.  The other one had part of the yolk in it so I didn’t carry that one back home.

I wonder what kind of bird laid them?  They are at least twice the size of a large chicken egg.  And I wonder where they came from.  I didn’t notice any nesting going on.

I ended up with 2 handfuls of garbage off the beach today.  I see some campers are finding the dark green, round, floats.

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

A married couple, in our campground, reminisced by seeing how long they could stand in the waves; as they did when they were children.  They held onto each other’s arm and the first one to let go would be the loser.

They kinda caused a stir in the campground.  They looked a little off their rocker.  That’s cold water!  I think they called a truce.  Turns out they are Oregonians. 🙂


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