April Showers on the Oregon Coast

It’s amazing how quickly the weather can change!  When we left Yachats there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  No need for raincoats today!

This view is looking south as you come down Hwy 101 from Sea Lion Caves.

Baker Beach
Baker Beach

There were 2 eagles soaring above the cliffs.  3 crows were nagging them to leave.

Eagle with Crows Chasing
Eagle with Crows Chasing

We worked all day in Sutton Campground.  Sutton really took a hit from the snow/wind storm in March.  When will it ever end?!

Showers almost drove us in a couple times but we pushed through it!  Workamper Gladiators!  woo hoo!

Hail is Next
Hail is Next

 Back home to Tillicum Beach.  Check the iron ranger, campers and restrooms.  Reheat leftovers for dinner.  Snapped some sunset pix, quick walk on the beach, cut short seeing the rain come from the southwest.

I was almost to the stairs when I felt the first drops.  By the time I got to the end of the sidewalk near site 12, it was coming down hard, then turned to hail before I to got to the restroom.

I was wearing a raincoat but jeans and shoes are soaked. 🙂


2 thoughts on “April Showers on the Oregon Coast”

  1. Being on the opposite coast from you and being able to see these pictures is wonderful! I appreciate your efforts and know you are happy doing what you do. It shows in the pics and your words. Hope the weather warms up sooner versus later.

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