Typical Oregon Coast Day

Minus tides in the morning and big waves in the afternoon.  Agate beds are popping up at different places along the beach.  They are out for a couple days and then they are gone.

It’s been foggy, warm and rainy lately.  But I squeezed in an agate hunt at low tide.

We took a moment to watch the big waves in Agate Cove on Yachats Ocean Dr. yesterday.  Don got soaked standing in the rain to get the shot.

Yachats - Agate Cove
Yachats - Agate Cove

We stopped at the Heceta Head Lighthouse overlook too.

Flock of Diving Birds
Flock of Diving Birds

We saw this huge flock of birds and are still wondering what they are.  They look like some kind of cormorant to me but not the same kind as below.


I’m pretty sure these are cormorants but I’m not sure what kind has the white plumes on the sides of the head.  Any ideas?

We didn’t have binoculars with us so we snapped the pics and zoomed in.

Surf Scoters
Surf Scoters

We saw this smaller flock closer to the cliffs.  I can see that these are surf scoters though.  Do you suppose it’s a family?

They all disappeared under water at once.  I wonder if there was a school of fish that they went after?

When we noticed they were gone, we looked for the big flock and they were all gone too!

Now that was awesome to think about.  A hundred or more birds diving at once?!

Have you ever watched the start of a motocross race?  hahaha – it had to be mayhem under the water!

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

Taking a few moments from a busy day to view the local wildlife is a nice break.  We need it.  🙂


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