April Sunshine on Oregon Coast

April is prep time for us as workamping Area Managers.  The campgrounds that haven’t been open all winter need lots of attention before we open them in May.  We also coordinate the hosts coming in to all these campgrounds.  May seems to be bearing down on me like a freight train!

Red Rock Crab
Red Rock Crab

But one of our sweet hosts cheered me up this week with a bucket full of red rock crab!  You can tell a red rock crab by the black tips on their claws.

In the Hot Tub
In the Hot Tub

Don cooked them just right!   They tasted great but Dungeness are a little easier to get the meat out of.

Tillicum Beach
Tillicum Beach

We’ve had a good crowd at Tillicum Campground, this weekend, to enjoy the good weather.  15 to 20 campsites filled is a good crowd for this time of year.  But we have 40 sites open.  A scout troop did a great job of pulling the invasive ivy out of some campsites.  A few campers watched whales from their campsite yesterday and others reported enjoying the Lyrid meteor shower last night.

Sunset Surprise
Sunset Surprise

I was pleasantly surprised that the sun peaked out under the marine layer before disappearing for the night.


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