Tax, Lies and Blackberry Wrastlin’

Some random thoughts…with photos that have nothing to do with the topics.

Church always recharges our batteries for the coming week.  Feeling the Spirit as speakers talk, hymns are sung and lessons are given usually gives me insight in ways I hadn’t thought of.

Stranded Starfish
Stranded Starfish

Taxes are due!  AARRrrgghhh!   We have to file state income taxes in whatever state we earn income.  It’s one thing to file them year after year in the same state.  You get used to how to fill out the forms.  And you can use last year’s as an example.  But we are workampers so we like to move to a different state every two years or so.  I mean, that’s why we have a house with wheels on it. 🙂   Anyway, I feel like that poor starfish tangled up in ball of tax lingo!  (I’ve always hated math word problems.)

Cape Foulweather
Cape Foulweather

 Who wouldn’t want to park where you can see this kind of view?!  Tillicum Campground isn’t quite this stunning, but today it attracted a couple lovers looking for a romantic view.  They were parked at a campsite instead of the day use area.   The day use parking lot doesn’t have a view.  I usually give people the benefit of the doubt.  If I see someone new, I’ll go check the pay station before asking them; even if I’d just checked it.  I hate being wrong so I double and triple-check.   I also give them some time.  There’s no need to pressure someone who just stopped for a few minutes.  They saw me walk by once and avoided eye contact.  After I checked the pay station, I walked up to their van again and they were kissing.  They didn’t even see me walk to the front of their van to see if there was a pay stub on the dash.  I thought about slapping the side of the van but I couldn’t do it.  I just giggled to think about it.  I finally decided to put a fee envelope, on their windshield, with this note, “This is a $6 necking site.”  This time, they weren’t kissing anymore, just talking.  So I caught their eye by holding up the fee envelope.  They had to acknowledge me now and they opened the door (they were in the back seat).  I, cheerfully, asked if they were going to camp with us tonight.  They said, “No we just wanted to park here.”  So I told them that all the state waysides are free but we are in a National Forest campground.  I explained that this is a Fee area and we have to charge if you are parking for longer than 20-30 minutes.  (They ignored the posted “Fee for Use” signs.)  I jokingly said, “There is a $6 fee for necking.”  To which she replied, “Well we’re not doing that either.”  I know that “necking” isn’t a common term anymore.  But I’m pretty sure she knew what I was talking about because she tried to zip up her black hoody to cover up her black bra, etc.  At this point I could just leave them the envelope and hope they pay on the way out.  But, now that she’s lied to me, I’m not cutting them any slack.  So I smiled, told them I’d take their $6 and they can stay longer.  I gave them the receipt and reminded them that it can be used anywhere along the Oregon coast for the rest of the day.

Sitka Spruce
Sitka Spruce

Still working on cleaning up the storm debris in the campgrounds.  As we pull a fallen branch (some up to 16″ diameter) out of a campsite, we’re also pulling them out of blackberry bushes.  Don complains that those vines jump out and wrap around your leg as you mow.  So I’ve been trying to get a jump on them before their new shoots get too long.  If I’m not wearing a raincoat the thorns grab my clothes instead of sliding off.  So I imagine I look like I’m wrastlin’ those thorny vines as I prune.  My arms are flailing and I’m ducking to keep them from landing on my neck or any other accidentally exposed skin.  I trip on them as they grab my pant legs or socks as I’m ducking and flailing.  hahahaha  –  It’s good exercise!

One thought on “Tax, Lies and Blackberry Wrastlin’”

  1. OH yeah!! – Good morning Jo ( and Don). I can hear you giggling!! And then playing the tough girl! And yes – we have done our IDaho taxes (thanks to you LOL). See you in July! J&J
    (OH yes – sold the Cruiser and now have a smallish MH>)

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