Easter Weekend in Tillicum Campground

And a fun time was had by all in Tillicum Campground.

Easter Camping
Easter Camping

We only had a few campers with children but they were hiding Easter eggs – plastic, thank goodness!  We’d have seagulls, crows and racoons everywhere if they’d been real eggs.

Tillicum Easter Bunny
Tillicum Easter Bunny

The Tillicum Easter Bunny hid some eggs too!  He had to help an adult find one by kicking it off his path and out onto the grass.

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

I appreciate return customers.  It says something about the job we are doing.  However, one repeat customer has been bad about leaving cigarette butts on the ground.  So, when I saw them and saw a butt not an hour after their arrival, I needed to do something.  For some reason, I never see the people.  So, I got a plastic Folger’s can, put sand in it and a cigarette butt and left it by their chair.  After they were gone, all that was left was the butt can – no butts on the ground!


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