Today is “Oregon-dry”

If you live in a place that averages 65+ inches of rainfall annually, you need to redefine what “dry” means.  Host: “Yes Sir, our firewood is very dry.”   Camper: “Do you mean ‘Oregon-dry’?”  Host: “No Sir, I mean we have it kiln dried and it hasn’t had time, yet, to absorb the humidity.”So, when I got to walk on the beach this morning without getting rained on AND I saw blue sky, it was a beautiful (dry) morning!Nice Morning on Tillicum Beach

60% chance of rain today.  A forecast of “showers”, to me, means dry enough to enjoy being outside at least part of the day.  The birds are more active today.  They are probably hungry after having to hunker down out of the wind for the last 4 days!  As I was getting ready to take another picture of the beach, I heard a bird chattering at me.  I looked up and it had its wings back and was diving towards me.  It wasn’t a seagull but it was black and white and grey.  All I could figure is that I was standing too close to its nest.  I moved away from the boulders but I didn’t see it again.

Tillicum Song Bird
Tillicum Song Bird

This little bird was just a singin’ away this morning!  I could hear several taking turns.  Do sparrows sing?  Or maybe it is a warbler of some kind?  I don’t know, but it is a pretty song.

Forecast for tonight:  Something new – rain/wind

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

I decided to get some work done early before we had to leave to take care of our other campgrounds.  So I grabbed a shovel, the re-charged battery and put the pole saw together.  I noticed that the grate on the drain was clogged again and there are a couple of hanging limbs that the students weren’t able to get to.  Clearing the grate only took about 4 scrapes with the shovel.  I took down a hanging limb that was blocking the trail to the beach from the Day Use area.  Then started working on another.  The battery is old and doesn’t last very long.  The limbs are pretty high but were broken in half by the wind so I had a good head start.  I put the battery back on the charger and grabbed my cleaning supplies for the restrooms.  After I got those cleaned we were ready to head south to mark the widow-makers in Alder Dune and clean restrooms at Ocean Beach and Dry Lake Day Use Areas.


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