Tillicum Campground – Cleaned Up

The Urban Forest students of Angell Job Corp really got this place in shape quick!  Here are pix of the same sites in the previous post after they cleaned us up from the storm damage.

Site 1
Site 1

The tree was over the table in Site 1.

Sites 22 and 24
Sites 22 and 24

This is looking in the opposite direction from the previous post.  There were 3 trees down over the picnic tables.  That wood that is stacked will NOT burn.  It is GREEN so don’t even try.  Also, it is against the law to remove anything (dead or alive) from a National Forest without a permit.  SO, leave it there.  Thank you!

Site 19
Site 19

Tillicum Site 19 is back in commission.  There was no damage to the power.  That was a BIG tree.

Please still be careful camping among any trees in a wind storm.  Look up to see if there are any hanging limbs.  Do not park under leaning trees or hanging limbs.  We can’t watch every tree 24 hours a day.  Use your brain.  🙂


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