New Meaning to March Madness?

High wind warnings, on the Oregon Coast, everyday this week give new meaning to “March Madness”!  I guess it’s really the “Ides of March”.

Site 19
Tillicum Site 19

The Angell Job Corp, Urban Forestry students, are helping us out in Tillicum this week.  They are AWESOME!

Site 1 Cleanup
Site 1 Cleanup

They are out there, in the rain and wind, sawing and shredding.  The air is a-buzz this morning!

Site 22 and 24 Cleanup
Site 22 and 24 Cleanup

 As I was walking around this morning, securing gates and assessing what’s left to do, I found this very confused little plover.

Plover in Tillicum Campground
One very confused little Plover

 (Not in focus because the wind is gusting to 65 mph right now.)  I had to brace myself on a tree to get it this good.  Plovers are always on the sand.  This little guy must have been carried away on a gust of wind and got separated from his group.  He is in a little puddle in Tillicum Campground.  Poor guy!

Tillicum Campground is still open for business.  Please choose your campsite carefully.  We do have plenty that are out from under the trees.


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