Snow on Tillicum Beach

There’s no time like now.  There’s NO time like NOW!

I wish I’d been brave and walked down those stairs, last night, because the snow is melted off the beach this morning.  Dang it!

I brightened up this photo so you can see the snow on the boulders at the foot of the stairway.

Tillicum Snow
Tillicum Snow

We got a few inches of snow last night.  A few trees are down.  We still have power.  But all our other campgrounds aren’t as lucky.  Blackberry, Sutton and Alder Dune all have power outages.  A couple of our electric sites(1 and 19) are out of commission until we get the trees moved.  No campers harmed.  No hosts harmed (a little cold, but in good spirits).

Snow Rainbow
Snow Rainbow

Chainsaws are buzzing.  Tractor is plowing.

Snow Plowing Tillicum Campground
Snow Plowing Tillicum Campground

Blogger WAS keeping her toes warm until Plower said we had to go get our abandoned truck off the side of the road.

Dodge Stuck in Snow
Dodge Stuck in Snow

We were still stuck until another kind gentleman gave us a tug.


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