More Tsunami Debris?

I know, no one is available to verify it.  I Googled Wa Ha Ha and found out it’s a Chinese food and beverage brand.  The name means “laughing child” in Chinese.  They do do business in Japan too but who knows where this came from.  What’s that picture; a pig?

Wa Ha Ha
Wa Ha Ha

I found it this evening on Tillicum Beach…along with this:

First thought?
First thought?

Don’s and my first thought was the same when we saw that.  What’s yours?  There’s no writing on it.

Blue Sky Sunset
Blue Sky Sunset

We had crazy-March-weather today.  It started out by alternating wind, calm, hail, rain and sleet this morning.  I sat at the back window of my 5th wheel, peeking through the trees to see out over the ocean.  Seeing the sky lighten while listening to the hail pummel my roof, was encouraging.  Then the hail would quit, I’d look up and the sky over the ocean was dark again.  By mid-afternoon it was clear and cold.  It is supposed to get down into the 20’s by morning!!

Reflective Sunset
Reflective Sunset

Wow!  I like this one!  How’d that happen?  hahaha   I’ll tell you how…by accident!  Getting ready to zoom in to get, yet another, closeup of the sun, I saw clouds on the ground through the view finder.  So I snapped a shot before zooming in.  I took the camera away from my eye and didn’t see the reflection because the water had washed in.  I thought, did I really see what I thought I saw?  So I scanned back to find the photo on the camera.  Cool!


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