Green Flash and other Special Moments

It was a gorgeous day on the Central Oregon Coast today!  After church, washing windows seemed like an appropriate Sabbath activity for me today….like I baptized the 5th wheel!  hahaha – Crystal Clean!  No fog at Tillicum Campground. Most the campers had to go home but we got a new, smaller, crowd in tonight.

Beach Trash
Now what am I going to do with THAT?! I rolled it out of the tidal zone and am hoping a State Park truck comes by soon.

Don fed me a WONDERFUL burnt butter and myzithra cheese and scallops over pasta dinner with asparagus as a side.  I wasn’t sure a great sunset was going to top that!  I’m still thinking about it!

AAaawww - Someone's special moment!
AAaawww - Someone's special moment!

There was so much moisture in the air that I wasn’t sure what the sunset would look like.  But the marine layer seemed to be breaking up so I sat down to wait and see.

Choppy Sunset
Choppy Sunset

It turned out to be a beautiful sunset.  I took too many photos of it 🙂  But the time spent on the beach (and talking to my folks via cell phone) was well spent.

And here’s the bonus: There was a green flash!  My second one!!!

Green Flash - Click on image to enlarge
Green Flash - Click on image to enlarge

Okay, sun is down, green flash captured, better go check on my Tillicum campers. They had enjoyed the sunset from their campsites but missed the green flash.  I showed off my digital pic of it and they were appropriately impressed. 😉    Here’s a good website that explains (in great detail) the green flash:


Picnickers come in all shapes and sizes!

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