of Sunsets and Agates

Great sunset, last night, on Tillicum Beach!
Tillicum Sunset
Tillicum Sunset

I collected one grocery bag of garbage on the beach this morning but nothing from the tsunami.  There are very few rocks on the sand, this morning, but I did get lucky twice!

Tillicum Agates
Tillicum Agates

3 thoughts on “of Sunsets and Agates”

  1. I’m so happy I found your site! I live at the beach on the East Coast in Maryland and am a begginer blogger for organic gardening. Your pictures are stunning and especially when you show parts of the rocky cliffs. We are so flat here in Md. and it is my desire to travel to your coast one day just to experience those cliffs overlooking the water. I have been mystically pulled towards that area for years now. I am also a huge rock and crystal nut and search my shores for sea glass and indian arrowheads. I was just watching yesterday on tv the progress of the tsunami floatsam and where it is now. Bless you for picking up your part on the beaches. Keep those beautiful pictures comming.

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