High Wind Warning – Central Oregon Coast

The high winds started about 1pm today.  Don wanted to see if the truck canopy we just installed on our truck would stay on.  So we drove from Tillicum Campground to Florence. 🙂

Yachats Ocean Drive
Yachats Ocean Drive

The rain hadn’t started yet so we stopped on the south end of Yachats to see what the waves were doing.  The storm is looming!

Thors Well-Cape Perpetua
Thor's Well-Cape Perpetua

If you haven’t seen Thor’s Well, in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, you really need to stop at Cook’s Chasm to see it.  Sometimes the surf bubbles out of it from within.  Other times it washes over it and falls down into it.  Cape Perpetua Campground is the perfect place to stay , in the summer, to access this gorgeous area.

Bob Creek Spindrift
Bob Creek Spindrift

Seagulls are hunkered down in the wind.  Bob Creek is one of our other favorite places to watch the waves.

Bob Creek - Wave Action
Bob Creek - Wave Action

On better weather days, the tidepools are fun and we’ve watched people fish off the beach here too.  But today we are watching from the warmth of our truck with the downwind window rolled down to take pictures out of.

Bob Creek - Stormy Seas
Bob Creek - Stormy Seas

Sometimes I just can’t help letting out a WOOoooo!

It was raining hard on the way back so I’m glad we got the pix on the way to Florence.  The canopy stayed on!  We really didn’t have any doubts.

Notes from my Workamping Journal:

Tillicum Campground is open year round, as are Blackberry (on the Alsea River), and Sutton, Alder Dune, Baker Beach and Horse Creek (which are all just north of Florence – no ATVs allowed).  I love working from, and living in, Tillicum Campground!  It’s the best piece of real estate along the Oregon Coast!

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