Storm Watchin’ from Tillicum Campground, Oregon

This week is a great time for storm watching from Tillicum Campground.
Tillicum Storm Watchin'
Tillicum Storm Watchin'

I had just been marvelling at our longer days.  We’ve gained an hour since January!  It was 5:25pm and I looked up the time for sunset on the internet.  It should be at 5:55.

Cycling on Tillicum Beach
Cycling on Tillicum Beach

 Then I noticed that the sun was going behind the clouds and I was worried I’d miss it.  So, I ran out.

As I watched the rain clouds move in front of the color, I wondered if I would get wet.

Storms at Tillicum
Storms at Tillicum

You can barely see the dot of color on the horizon as the sun tries to peak through.

Notes from my Workamping journal:

  One camper came in late last night and he was up, bright and early, finding floats on the beach.  There were no signs of the 9 campers when we got home from church this afternoon.  Everyone left a very clean and tidy campsite!  And the restrooms were even clean!  We only have 2 campers in Tillicum tonight.


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