Hooded Merganser at Sutton Campground

The little lake just inside Sutton Campground has water in it this time of year.

Hooded Merganser Couple
Hooded Merganser Couple

We always watch for ducks and other wildlife when we’re there.

I have a hard time focusing the camera when there is such a clear reflection.  Or maybe it’s when the ducks won’t sit still?

Anyway, I like the colors and clean lines of the male Hooded Merganser.  And the female has the same bed-head as I do!

A Note from my Workamping Journal:

The Whine and Seafood Festival seems to be causing pee challenges.

This one is for the men:  Do some actually feel the need to practice aiming at other things besides the toilet?  (There are no children in the campground…not even teens.)

Why the toilet paper though?

sigh……It could have been worse.


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