Tillicum Beach – shirt-sleeve weather!

I think I got a little pink today!  Got to work outside most of the day.  Too warm to wear a jacket.  Lots of folks were out camping on the coast this weekend.  The campground was half full on Saturday night.  We had 40 sites available.  99% good crowd – one cheater.  Those are the people who make me not want to trust the next camper. 😦


I haven’t heard how the commercial crabbers are doing but we see a lot of them from Tillicum Beach.  We see some floats just on the other side of the breakers at high tide.  Enjoying the view with a great camper (Adrienne) this morning, we thought we may have seen some whale activity???

Ghost Forest is Growing
Ghost Forest is Growing

And you thought the stump was dead!?  See what a little sunshine will do for an old, worn-out body!  A fresh growth of moss smooths out those old wrinkles and brightens that tired face.  Oh, am I still talking about the stump?

February Sunset - Tillicum Beach
February Sunset - Tillicum Beach

I like how the sun sparkles off the tops of the waves.

Full Moon
Full Moon

I turned around to head back to the campground and the Old Man in the Moon stopped me in my tracks!  I don’t think I’ve seen him in years!


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