Blackberry Campground – Alsea River Steelhead

According to ODFW, 3 days ago:

Winter steelhead  fishing is fair to good in the upper basin as recent high water events have  pushed many fish up river. Look to fish the mid to lower river sections as the  river comes into fishing shape later in the week. A variety of tactics can be  productive such as bait and bobber, drifting jigs or pulling plugs. Casting  spoons and spinners is also productive near riffles.

High River Mark
High River Mark

Check out the high water mark on the other side of the river.  And, you can see how high the grass is on the tree in the foreground.  The Alsea River is clearing up nicely!

Blackberry Campground Boat Launch
Blackberry Campground Boat Launch

Camp in Blackberry Campground year round and drift the Alsea.

Open Year Round
Open Year Round

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