Alsea Bay Sunset

Wow!  Can’t believe how mild the weather is on the Oregon Coast (today).  hahaha  Not that we can count on it, but we enjoy it when we get it!

Alsea Bay Seals
Have you seen my mother?


We hadn’t gone out to the Alsea Bay Bridge to take pix of the seals, yet, this year.  We decided this was a good evening for it.  Low tide was around 4:30pm and it was .2.

We parked in the lot north of the bridge and crossed Hwy 101 to see the seals on the east side.

Alsea Bay Seal Siesta
Alsea Bay Seal Siesta

I wonder if the small ones are yearling pups?  None of the seals were moving around or interacting much at all.  Must have full tummies.

Alsea Bay - Low Tide Sunset
Alsea Bay - Low Tide Sunset

Okay, back to the truck.  Gotta get back to Tillicum before sunset.  I’ve missed too many clear sunsets this week!  This is from the corner of the Alsea Bay Bridge.

Tillicum Beach Sunset
Tillicum Beach Sunset

We’ve got a nice crowd in Tillicum Campground tonight – about 20 sites filled!  All the beachfront sites in 2 loops are taken.  There are still 2 electric sites open (one near the beach, one near the entrance).


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