The Power of Nature

Workamping Miracles:  Twice, in the last month, we’ve had workampers quit (one voluntarily, one due to terminal cancer) and both times we’ve had great people step up and fill in!

We had high winds and surf again today with the front that moved through.  It is calm tonight.  I can actually hear the ocean again.  I’ve only heard wind and rain for almost a week.  Now the cleanup begins!  Sutton Campground is without electricity for the 5th day!  The Florence area got hit hard by the storms.

Look at this rock.  A rock, grinding out a perfectly round hole, in another rock.

Rock Makes a Perfectly Round Hole
Rock Makes a Perfectly Round Hole

See why we can’t keep handrails on the bottom two levels of the stairway.

Trees and Driftwood
Trees and Driftwood

The tunnel at Heceta Head has been without power since last Wednesday but the lights were on today.  Sea Lion Caves was up with a generator yesterday.  Maybe they’ve got their electricity back too?


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